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Weekend Scramble Results


Another great weekend of golf here at the MGC!!!.  Want to send a shout out to the Bobby J Memorial tournament group for coming out Saturday and showing love for someone we lost.  When you love golf you don’t have to0 be good at it to really enjoy the game, friendships, and humor a round of golf can bring!!!

Saturday 5 Person Scramble Results

1-A  Whit, Chuck, Jim, Stuart, Steve   -17

2-A  Stu, JohnB, Bob, Ken  -12

3-A  Matt, Brandon, Nathan, James, Tony   -11

1-B  Scott, Chuck, Bama, Angie, Jess    -10

2-B  Greg, Al, Craig, Mark, Dana   -8

Closest to the Pin-   Greg #4

We started the scramble with a shotgun start this week.  It must have agreed with the winning team who shot a ridiculous 17 under par.  I may have to ride with this group next week and hope those great shots rub off on me!!!  We play every Saturday morning starting at 7:30am, it’s only $25 riding and is always a great time in the event.


Sunday 2 Person Scramble Results

1st –  Frank & Speedy    65

2nd –  Steve & Stuart    66

3rd –  Mike & Bill   67

4th –  Donna & Ken  70

5th –  Andy & Tyson  74

Closest to the pin #16 –  Donna Dorsey

With some family in town from Minnesota we switch up the Mike/Tyson group.  I wish I could blame my round on someone else but me and Scotty Cameron are not getting along very well right now!!!!  Regardless of score we won the group laughing the most at the end of the day and I will take that any round and be just fine.  We play every Sunday @ 4pm for only $18 riding and have prizes for 1st place closest to the pin.