Scramble Results 7.16.16

Golf Tampa Bay

Saturday Scramble Results 7.16.16

1st Place – Whit, Jim, Stu, Steve and Chucky   -11

2nd Place – Stu, John, Bob, Dick and Ken  -11

3rd Place – Wayne, Tom, Clem, Matt and Jerry  -9

All your brown money is sitting behind the counter so come pick it up next time your in the area.

This Sunday we had the 2-person Scramble.  The format was a Best Ball Stableford Four-Club.

6 points for an Ace, 4 for an eagle, 3 for a birdie, 2 for a par, and one point for a bogie.

Two teams totaled 40 points with the tie being broken by lowest score of 63

1st Placae – Matt Easterman and Dave Lente are this weeks winners!

2nd Place – Darrin Campbell and Wally Buntin came in a close second with 40 points and score of 64

3rd Place – Mark Manning and Carl Sandberg

I forgot to tell everyone that 16 was the closest to the pin.  My apologies to the field.  There were over 20 golfers that came out and everyone finished their round before the rain came.  Cheers and Kudos to everyone that came out.  It is my favorite day of the week – Even when my Team came in LAST place.  Tim Summers and I hit a bad stretch where we traded duffs and shanks for double and triple bogies.

I remember a scramble a few years ago with my golf buddy Mike Summers.  Mike pured his Drive with a slight draw about 270 yards,  I durfed my Drive into the sand.  We were walking through a vast waste bunker and I retrieved my ball.  As we walked up to his superior drive I happened to look back down the fairway.  Upon looking back I noticed that there was only one pair of foot steps in the sand….. I turned to my friend and said ‘Mike, where were you when I needed you? Why were there only one pair of footsteps in the sand?”

He turned to me and said “Tyson, Those footsteps are mine.  That was me carrying YOU”.

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