Hello Everyone.  Apologies to all of you readers out there as I haven’t posted in a few weeks.  I have been out of town a few weekends and it has thrown off my rhythm.  Unfortunately even with out rhythm you can still have the blues.

The Saturday Scramble on 9.15.19

Flight A

1st Place Team #6 Chuck, Pete, AJ, Robert, Sean -14

2nd Place Team #7 Matt, Brian, Rick, Anthony -12

3rd Place Team #3 Greg, Al, Craig, Marc, Ron -11

Flight B

1st Place Team #2 -10 Rex, Stu, Charlie, Carl, Frank -10

2nd Place Team #4 Kevin, Stewart, Jim, Charles, Ed -8

Closest to the Pin was #5 PETE!


The Sunday Scramble went off at 3pm as we are wont to do for the rest of the month.  There are only two days left of this Summer Scramble Season.  I am amazed at how many rounds we completed as we consistently watched thunder clouds pass around us all summer.

This week was a regular scramble.

1st Place was Dennis Haysley and Stewart Elder 60.  $13.50 each goes into your club credit accounts

2nd Place was Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez 63. $8.10 each goes into your club credit accounts.

3rd Place Kevin Gabbard and Eric Calderon 67. $5.40 each goes into your club credit accounts.

Closest to the Pin was #6 and Rob Neighbor was the winner of the dozen balls.




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