Hello and Good Day out there fellow golfers and other golf enthusiasts.

It has been a wet time of it lately and the Saturday Scramble was canceled.  We will try again next Saturday so keep your wits about you.

The Sunday Scramble was a day that will never be forgotten by some, however it will be ubiquitously stamped in the memory of Stuart Hoff  BECAUSE HE GOT AN ACE on #16 ! ! !

Congratulations to Stuart on his most impressive achievement.

1st Place Stewart Elder and Dennis Haysley 62 Each of you received $19.50 in your club credit accounts.

2nd Place Charlie Purkiser and Tony Cothron 64 Each of you received $11.70 in your club credit accounts.

3rd Place Vaughn Rodriguez and Rob Neighbor 65 Each of you received $7.80 in you club credit accounts.

Closest to the Pin was Jesse Benshosan on #12.  There is a dozen balls behind the counter for you Jesse.

Thank you to all who came out.  Sunday golf day is always my favorite day of the week.


Now that Mike is back from vacation let’s see if he can get his game back before next week.



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