Hello and Good day to my fellow Mainlandian Golfers . . .

First off let me ask; What was up with Saturday?? It was like a stealth hurricane showed up and tried to destroy the coast of Florida.  If we put that together with the Red Tide threat we could make a serious made for tv movie.

Shockingly the Saturday Scramble was completed.  I am sorry to say that a power surge hit the course and the only equipment that wasn’t plugged in to a surge protector was or patent pending Golf-Tabulator 9000.  Mathematics is not necessarily my strongest suit so I took of my shoes and socks an started adding up the scores.  The winners are as follows:

First Place: Don, Michael, Dennis, and Richard -10  (They birdied no. 5 to clear first place.)

Second Place: Rex, Carl, Stuart, Bob, and Frank -10

Third Place: Kevin, Stuart, Steve, Chuck, Jim -9 (Chuckles is back in town!)

Closest to the Pin was Team #9 and Pat Terell – Way to GO PAT! ! !

The winners have club credit placed in their accounts.  Pat has golf balls behind the counter.

The Sunday Scramble was another wet day.  However relative to the swamp we have been playing in as of late the course seemed rather dry, relatively.  The pot was carried over from last week.  So there was BIG MONEY on the line.  Big money for Mainlands means the pot was $128.00  First place splits 50%, $32 for both of the gentlemen that claimed first place.  Second place splits $38.40 and Third place splits $25.60.  By the time we tallied up the scores we pulled out our older model Golf-Tabulator 8000.  It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of its predecessor but it still gets the job done.  Of course it isn’t supported by tech support because it is outdated so we had to buy the newer model.  You all know how it goes.

1st Place – Matt Easterman and Dave Lent -5

2nd Place – Rita O’Neil and Steve Hensley -4

3rd Place – Steve Bevins and Stuart Hoff Even PAR

Closest to the Pin was #17 – Dave Lent

Way to go!  There are balls behind the counter for Dave and the rest of you have Money deposited in your club credit accounts.

Team Mike Tyson shot a rather astounding -10.  That damn bogey on #8.  It was an awesome day for myself personally because aside from my one birdy putt I just sat back and watched Mike put on a clinic.  It was way better than that time he went to the clinic.  (I’m gonna get in trouble for that one maybe.)  Mike is going for his Players Aptitude Test (PAT) in a month.  He will be bona fide PGA professional if he winds up shooting two rounds in a row, no more than 15 over par.  This year he is playing Lansbrook, and he likes the set up.  I have played golf with Mike for over 15 years and he is playing as well as ever.  If you see him wish him luck.  He has the game and he has the confidence.  And if he makes the cut he said he’s buying everyone on the Mainlands email list a drink.  GO MIKE! ! It’s hard to not root for Mike.  That is unless he ambushes you in your backswing by shouting at you.  Sorry Cody, Sorry other Cody.  Not sure which Cody’s backswing he interrupted but there he goes buying more consolation beverages.

Finally before I go . . . Sunflower Seeds.  All over the course.  The ban is still in effect.  I am at a loss for words and if you know me that never happens.

See you on the links

Tyson Duane