I hope everyone had a most lovely 4th of July!  The Scramble results are in from Saturday and Sunday and I am pleased to say both Scrambles went off with great weather and even greater golfers.

The Saturday Scramble results have tabulated and confirmed.  The winning team is . . .

1st Place Kevin, Jim, Stuart, Steve -11

2nd Place Ben, Keith, Steve, Frank, & Josh -10

3rd Place Stu, Bob, Frank, Rex, & Charlie -9

Closest to the Pin is Stu from Team 2 – Way to go Stu

All of the winning teams have money in their club credit accounts and Stu has some balls behind the counter with his name on them.  Well not his name on the balls per se, but his name is on a bag and the balls are in the bag.  You know what I mean…

The Sunday Scramble was a tough one for me personally.  Because I am very bad at golf.  But also because this week my partner Mike just played like dog @ss.  I mean he was BAD.  We didn’t score very well but I was thrilled none the less because I easily carried our team.  I didn’t carry us to any placement but I did manage to help us hobble across the finish line.  We all have those days of golf, where you wonder why you are even out there.  Mike was so bad I was glad that he came in to work today because I thought he might just quit.  Don’t worry Mike it happens to us all.

The Sunday Scramble was a Modified Stableford points system.  4 points for an Eagle, 2 points for a Bird, 1 point for Par, -1 for a bogey, -2 for double or worse.

1st Place Stu and Steve +20

2nd Place Rob and Andre +17

3rd Place Rita and Steve +16

Congratulations to Bob Beard for winning closest to the pin on no.3

All of the winning teams have money in their club credit accounts.  Bob has some golf balls behind the counter.

I would like to give an Dis-honorable Mention to the pace of play yesterday.  We started out with a decent pace of play but by the end of the day there was over 4 holes WIDE OPEN between Mike and myself and the group behind us.  It is important to keep your eyes open in golf.  Specifically you want to keep your eyes on the group in front of you.  If you can’t see them that is BAD.  That means you are lagging behind the pace.  If you are putting on the green and you look back and see TWO GROUPS ON THE HOLE BEHIND YOU that is VERY BAD.  I think everyone should think about their golf game and ask them selves if maybe this might be you.  Certain slower playing twosomes will be moved to the back of the pack in consideration of other golfers and the pace of play.