Scramble Results Weekend of 7.27.19

Hello and good day to each and everyone of you on this fine and marvelous Monday.

I find it easy to say today is so lovely because I have mastered the art of not letting my horrible golfing get in the way of the enjoyment of life.  We will get to the bad and the ugly of my score shortly.  But first the . . .

Saturday Scramble Results

First Place was Chuck, Pete, Robert -14

Second Place was Kevin, Stuart, Jim, Ed and Charlie -10

Third Place was Stu, Frank, Rex, Carl and Charlie -9

Closest to the Pin was Team #4 by Kevin.


The Sunday Scramble format was the soon to be notorious 3 CLUB CHALLENGE.

The weather was perfect and the course was mostly dry save a few spots of standing water.  The scores all in all were pretty good unless you were on my team.  Mike was on vacation and without the D.O.G. dropping long bomb drives and draining super long putts the game was, shall we say, tougher.  Kudos to my buddy Dave for filling in.  We may not have shot so great (76) but we had a lot of fun.

1st Place was Charlie Purkiser and Tony Cothran with 65,You each have $31.50 deposited in your club credit accounts.

2nd Place was David Lanham, and Mike Corley with 66,You each have $18.90 deposited in your club credit accounts.

3rd Place was Matt Easterman and Dave Lent 66,You each have $12.60 deposited in your club credit accounts.

Closest to the Pin was Steve Cherry, golf balls are behind the counter with your name on them Steve.

Next weeks format is regular scramble.  Unless we decide to do something else, then we will do that.


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