Hello Again Mainlands Golfers . . .

The Saturday Scramble braved the soggy fairways once again.  It certainly is harder to keep the carts clean with all of the puddles.

Flight A

First Place Greg, Al, Mark, Craig, and Ron -10

2nd Place Charlie, Carl, Rex, Frank and Stu -9

3rd Place Charlie, Kevin, Ed, Jim, and Stuart -9

The Stuart and team #2 won closest to the pin.

There are golf balls behind the counter for Stuart, and everyone else has their winnings deposited in their Club Credit accounts.

By Sunday afternoon the course had dried out pretty well save a few spots.  For the first time so far this summer season the winning team was . . .

Mike / Tyson 62

Mike rolled in 5 LONG birdie putts (after I showed him the line of course.)  But as you should know by now, Mike and I do not play for any prize money, simply bragging rights.

1st Place Nicholas Cavell and _________________(unknown golfer) 63 $18 was deposited in Nick’s club credit, the other $18 will be deposited when we find the name of his partner.

2nd Place Mike Corley and Dave Lanham 63 $10.80 was deposited in each of your club credit accounts.

3rd Place Stuart Elder and Dennis Haysley 65 $7.20 was deposited in each of your club credit accounts.

The closest to the pin was Dennis Haylsey.  Their are a dozen golf balls behind the counter with your name on them.

Cheers to a fun weekend everyone.  Stay Classy.


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