Hello out there Mainlands Golfers.

It has been a truly hot and scorching week.  There was no rain this weekend and both scrambles went off with out any issues.

The Saturday Scramble . . .

Flight A

1st Place  Matt, Brian, and Tony -12

2nd Place Stu, Rex, Carl, Charlie, and Frank -11

3rd Place bob, Chuck, Pete, Rob, and Tim -11

Flight B

1st Place Jim, Stuart, Kevin, Ed, Charlie -8

2nd Place Greg, Al, Craig, Marc, Ron -7

Team #6 and Bob won closest to the pin!


Sunday 2 Person Scramble  . . .

22 teams showed up which is a great showing.  There was no chance of rain and the sun was glaring.  Very minimal wind came into play and it was HOT.  I apologize for running out of water in the coolers on two of the water stations out on the course.  We recently hired a weekend hydration steward, or a ‘water stew’ as they are more commonly known.  I let the poor fellow go with out notice.  I actually had Mike fire the guy because I am a little intimidated by him to be honest.  In any event I am pledging resources to combat the water crisis in the hopes that this will not be a concern going forward.  In all due honesty I do take the hydrational health of everyone on the course rather seriously.  That is why I am also cutting the price of Powerade and Water in HALF for anyone who golfs in the Sunday Scramble.

Now with out further Mt Dew . . .

1st Place Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez – 62  $42 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

2nd Place David Lanham and Mike Corley – 65 $25.20 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

3rd Place Matt Easterman and Matt Powers 65 $16.80 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

Closest to the Pin was #17 and Dennis Haysley !  Way to go everyone.

Mike and I also shot 62 but as everyone should know we are not competing for prize money just bragging rights.  Rob and Vaughn eagled the lowest handicap hole #11, to secure 1st place.

I was just happy to be out golfing on Sunday after battling some personal medical crap.  It is just good to be healthy enough to golf.  On a similar note the Mainlands Golf Club lost one of our own this past Wednesday.  Bud Weber our head starter and front counter position passed away after having a heart attack while out golfing.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.  Bud was a kind and genuine man.  I never heard him say anything negative about anyone and in fact most of the things he said were thoughtful and wise.  He will be remembered fondly.



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