Better Late than Never! The scramble results are in.  The Golf Tabulator 9000 has been repaired and waterproofed and the results are the most-est accurate-est we have seen all week.

The Saturday Scramble was a little light on numbers but the friendly competition was as fierce as a President on twitter.

First Place Carl, Charlie, and Rex -10

Second Place John, Wayne, Clem, Chuck, and Pete -8

Closest to the Pin was Clem! Yay Clem!

Quick Trivia: If Clem had a son and he went to a University where might he have gone?  Clem-SON! ! ! HA HA HA

Gosh I think I’m hilarious so if you don’t please don’t burst my fragile bubble.

The Sunday Scramble was the first of the season where everyone thought it would rain and be a total swamp.  It was not.  Mike and I were the only people to show up and try to tough it out.  Vaughn Rodriquez showed up to play with his wife and we all played a threesome while his wife cheered us on.  Except for that time she laughed so hard at my SUPER shanked 5 wood off the 9th tee.  It’s ok, I usually hit at least one shot each round that is ridiculously hilarious.  Actually I only hit one shot like that all day so I was a super happy golfer.  The rain never came and the balmy temperature was perfect.  It was a truly lovely day of golf with some truly enjoyable people.

1st Place – Mike and Tyson

Closest to the Pin – Mike or Tyson

This coming Sunday is my favorite format . . .  4 CLUB Scramble.  Your putter counts as a club just so you know.

Thank you all ,