Good Day my fellow golfers.  I trust everyone enjoyed the weather this Father’s Day weekend.  I had a blast grilling ribs, fish, corn, potatoes and anything else I could find in my fridge.  There is nothing that takes me back to fond childhood memories more than the smell of burning charcoal.  But I digress because now I am getting hungry.

The Saturday Scramble had 7 groups go off at 7:30am this week.  The top three teams are:

1st Place – Chuck, Jim, Kevin, & Steve, AJ -11

2nd Place – Carlo, Frank, Bob, Dick, & Stuart -11

3rd Place – Jess, Angie, Kenzie, Paul, & BAMA -9

Closest to the Pin was MORT on  No. 8


Father’s Day at 5pm we had 14 teams show up and play classic scramble format golf.

Mike and I might have placed first place if it weren’t for three holes were we both lipped out par puts.  If only.  The fish was THIS big.  Wish in one hand and something in another.  Golf certainly gives one ample opportunity for stories that start similar to this.  First place was handily won by none other than local legends and pillars of the Mainlands Community:

1st Place – Stuart Hoff and Steve Bevins -4  ($19.50 each winnings.  Stu is buying a round for everyone next week lol.)

2nd Place – Rita O’neil and Steve Hensley +1  ($11.70 each winnings.)

3rd Place – Ken Thompson and Donna Dorsey +2  ($7.80 each winnings)

Closest to the Pin was  on No. 12 –  Rita O’neil  Way to go Rita!!  There are golf balls behind the counter with your name on them.

Mike and I had the pleasure of playing with Dave and Rob.  I just have to say that I haven’t laughed during a round that much since the last time I played with Dave Wall.

This was my tee shot into the drainage ditch on #15.  Remember it is “lift, clean, and place” during all scrambles.  You don’t have to play it as it lies, and many golfers do.