Scramble Results Weekend of 7.27.19

Hello and good day to each and everyone of you on this fine and marvelous Monday.

I find it easy to say today is so lovely because I have mastered the art of not letting my horrible golfing get in the way of the enjoyment of life.  We will get to the bad and the ugly of my score shortly.  But first the . . .

Saturday Scramble Results

First Place was Chuck, Pete, Robert -14

Second Place was Kevin, Stuart, Jim, Ed and Charlie -10

Third Place was Stu, Frank, Rex, Carl and Charlie -9

Closest to the Pin was Team #4 by Kevin.


The Sunday Scramble format was the soon to be notorious 3 CLUB CHALLENGE.

The weather was perfect and the course was mostly dry save a few spots of standing water.  The scores all in all were pretty good unless you were on my team.  Mike was on vacation and without the D.O.G. dropping long bomb drives and draining super long putts the game was, shall we say, tougher.  Kudos to my buddy Dave for filling in.  We may not have shot so great (76) but we had a lot of fun.

1st Place was Charlie Purkiser and Tony Cothran with 65,You each have $31.50 deposited in your club credit accounts.

2nd Place was David Lanham, and Mike Corley with 66,You each have $18.90 deposited in your club credit accounts.

3rd Place was Matt Easterman and Dave Lent 66,You each have $12.60 deposited in your club credit accounts.

Closest to the Pin was Steve Cherry, golf balls are behind the counter with your name on them Steve.

Next weeks format is regular scramble.  Unless we decide to do something else, then we will do that.


Hello Again Mainlands Golfers . . .

The Saturday Scramble braved the soggy fairways once again.  It certainly is harder to keep the carts clean with all of the puddles.

Flight A

First Place Greg, Al, Mark, Craig, and Ron -10

2nd Place Charlie, Carl, Rex, Frank and Stu -9

3rd Place Charlie, Kevin, Ed, Jim, and Stuart -9

The Stuart and team #2 won closest to the pin.

There are golf balls behind the counter for Stuart, and everyone else has their winnings deposited in their Club Credit accounts.

By Sunday afternoon the course had dried out pretty well save a few spots.  For the first time so far this summer season the winning team was . . .

Mike / Tyson 62

Mike rolled in 5 LONG birdie putts (after I showed him the line of course.)  But as you should know by now, Mike and I do not play for any prize money, simply bragging rights.

1st Place Nicholas Cavell and _________________(unknown golfer) 63 $18 was deposited in Nick’s club credit, the other $18 will be deposited when we find the name of his partner.

2nd Place Mike Corley and Dave Lanham 63 $10.80 was deposited in each of your club credit accounts.

3rd Place Stuart Elder and Dennis Haysley 65 $7.20 was deposited in each of your club credit accounts.

The closest to the pin was Dennis Haylsey.  Their are a dozen golf balls behind the counter with your name on them.

Cheers to a fun weekend everyone.  Stay Classy.


Hello again Mainlands Golfers!

The Saturday Scramble winners are posted below.

Flight A

1st Place Matt, Johnny, Brian, Anthony, and Rick -12

2nd Place Peter,Kim, and Tim -9

3rd Place Jim, Kevin, Ed, and Charlie -9

Closest to the pin was Steve on team #1.

On a tangent I find the closest to the pin prize a bit ridiculous.  Going forward the prize for closest to the pin will be a full dozen golf balls.

The Sunday Scramble was awesome.  If you were there you know what I am talking about.  The weather was blisteringly hot with an extra helping of humidity.  We played in a modified Stableford Format.  3 points for Eagles, 2 Points for Birdies, 1 Point for par, and 0 points for Bogies or higher.

1st Place was Nicholas Cavell and Todd Stevens, with 23 points.  They each have $33 in their club credit accounts.

2nd Place – David MacMarchy, Hub Bartlett with 23 points as well.  They each have $19.80 in their club credit accounts.

3rd Place – John Harrington and Mark Nelson with 23 points.  They each have $13.20 in their club credit accounts.

Closest to the Pin was Rob Neighbor!  Yay Rob.  You have a dozen golf balls waiting for you as well.

Finally I would like to state that due to the popularity of the Sunday Scramble we will only be able to start teams that show up AND PAY before 15 minutes of 4pm.  It is just too difficult to accommodate everyone efficiently unless they are checked in and paid by quarter til four.  If a team shows up at ten minutes to four they will have to follow the scramble and just play plain old regular every day stroke golf.  (This means you Neighbor.)

Good Day to the Drawers of the golf ball and Salutations to those who Slice.  The rest of you we will meet in the middle.

The Saturday Scramble had 4 winners in two flights.

Flight A

1st Place – Frank, Rex, Daniel, Carl, Charlie -11

2nd Place – Chuck, Peter, Robert, Tim, -11

3rd Place – Greg, Al, Craig, Marc, Ron -10

Flight B

1st Place – Matt, Brian, Richard, -9

Closest to the Pin was Dan of team #5.  Dan has golf balls behind the counter and the rest of the winners have money added to their club credit accounts.

The Sunday Scramble had a great turnout with 18 Twosomes.  Unfortunately their was some lightning witnessed by more than a few golfers less than an hour into the round.  Anyone who turned in and left will get a raincheck for an upcoming Sunday Scramble.  The rain/lightning delay lasted about 15 minutes.  The remaining 15 teams did finish and so the scramble continued.  Mike and I started on the back 9 and after triple bogeying #11 we didn’t see any lightning but were seeing stars.  I believe our 69 would have put us in solo place for 8th place.  Cheers to being aggressive off the tee when you shouldn’t.

1st Place – Stewart Elder & Dennis Haysley 63  Each of you has $24 in your club credit accounts.

2nd Place – The Carl Nicks Team 63  Each of you has $14.40 in your club credit accounts

3rd Place – David Lanham & Mike Corley 63  Each of you has $9.60 in your club credit accounts

Closest to the Pin on the 3rd Hole was  . . . Karen Koslowski.  Congratulations Karen, you have golf balls behind the counter for you.


The summer season means we often play with the threat of weather.  If you feel nervous about playing with cloud cover, or in rain, or with thunder in the distance, or for any reason please come in and get a raincheck.  No round of golf is worth a tragedy.

Hello you hip and capable golfers!

We have just ended a very dry and ridiculously hot June.  I urge everyone to stay hydrated weather you are out golfing or just watching TV at home.  Heat exhaustion is a real danger.

Now that the public service announcement is over let’s get to the Saturday Scramble Results . . .

Flight A

1st Place is Matt, Dave, and Rick -13

2nd Place is Greg, Al, Craig, Marc, and Ron -12

3rd Place Frank, Rex, Carl, Charlie, and Gary -11

Flight B

1st Place is Jim, Stuart, Ed, AJ, and Charlie -8

Greg on team #3 won the closest to the pin this week.

The Sunday Scramble played the 4-Club Scramble Format this week.

1st Place – Steve Hensley and Cam Barrows 62          Each of you has $28.50 in your club credit accounts

2nd Place – Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez 64    Each of you has $17.10 in your club credit accounts

3rd Place was Mike and Me 65          Each of you has $11.40 in your club credit accounts

4th Place was David Lanham and Mike Corley 65

The 4-Club is always one of my favorites.  Next week I heard we might do a WORST Ball Scramble.

A good walk spoiled?  Well that is why I RIDE when I play.  Take that Mark Twain!


Hello out there Mainlands Golfers.

It has been a truly hot and scorching week.  There was no rain this weekend and both scrambles went off with out any issues.

The Saturday Scramble . . .

Flight A

1st Place  Matt, Brian, and Tony -12

2nd Place Stu, Rex, Carl, Charlie, and Frank -11

3rd Place bob, Chuck, Pete, Rob, and Tim -11

Flight B

1st Place Jim, Stuart, Kevin, Ed, Charlie -8

2nd Place Greg, Al, Craig, Marc, Ron -7

Team #6 and Bob won closest to the pin!


Sunday 2 Person Scramble  . . .

22 teams showed up which is a great showing.  There was no chance of rain and the sun was glaring.  Very minimal wind came into play and it was HOT.  I apologize for running out of water in the coolers on two of the water stations out on the course.  We recently hired a weekend hydration steward, or a ‘water stew’ as they are more commonly known.  I let the poor fellow go with out notice.  I actually had Mike fire the guy because I am a little intimidated by him to be honest.  In any event I am pledging resources to combat the water crisis in the hopes that this will not be a concern going forward.  In all due honesty I do take the hydrational health of everyone on the course rather seriously.  That is why I am also cutting the price of Powerade and Water in HALF for anyone who golfs in the Sunday Scramble.

Now with out further Mt Dew . . .

1st Place Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez – 62  $42 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

2nd Place David Lanham and Mike Corley – 65 $25.20 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

3rd Place Matt Easterman and Matt Powers 65 $16.80 EACH goes into their club credit accounts!

Closest to the Pin was #17 and Dennis Haysley !  Way to go everyone.

Mike and I also shot 62 but as everyone should know we are not competing for prize money just bragging rights.  Rob and Vaughn eagled the lowest handicap hole #11, to secure 1st place.

I was just happy to be out golfing on Sunday after battling some personal medical crap.  It is just good to be healthy enough to golf.  On a similar note the Mainlands Golf Club lost one of our own this past Wednesday.  Bud Weber our head starter and front counter position passed away after having a heart attack while out golfing.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.  Bud was a kind and genuine man.  I never heard him say anything negative about anyone and in fact most of the things he said were thoughtful and wise.  He will be remembered fondly.



Hello and good golfing to everyone out there.  It was a beautiful weather weekend.  And of course it was hot.

The Saturday Scramble went out in all of its glory and splendor.

Flight A

1st Place – Jim, Stuart, Kevin, Ed, & Charlie -12

2nd Place – Tom, Clem, John, & Steve -11

3rd Place – Jim, Steve, Vincent, & Bill -10

Flight B

1st Place – Matt, Johnny, John, Tony, & Mike -10

2nd Place – Grey, Al, Chris, Marc, & Al A


The Closest to the Pin was John Carroll on #7

Winners have club credit added to their respective accounts and John has a dozen balls behind the counter waiting for him.

The Sunday 2-Person Scramble had its first run of the summer and it was quite the turn out.  48 people turned out and we took up the entire front 9.  As such pot was $144.00.  Mike talks about how we are not playing for $1,200,000.00, but it seems like it is getting close.  First Place team gets 50%.  2nd Place gets 30%.  3rd place gets guess how much? Closest to the pin was on #16 and the winner gets a dozen balls this week.  Team Mike / Tyson does not put money in the pot so we are ineligible, we play strictly for the glory…. or the shame.  TomatO, TomAto I guess.

Before I announce the winners let’s give a shout out to two eagles made.


And CHEERS to JEFF TAMLYN for eagle-ing #9.

1st Place Charlie Purkiser and Toni Cothran -7 Each of you has $36 in club credit added to your accounts.

2nd Place John Harrington and Mark Nelson -6 Each of you won $21.60.

3rd Place Matt Easterman and Dave Lent -4 Each of you won $14.40

Thank you to everyone who came out.  You all helped make a great event.  Mike and myself are looking forward to a long, hot, summer of golf.


May your golf ball find firm fairways, gentle greens, and may it rest gently at the bottom of the cup after just one putt.


Until next week,


By Keely Levins
When you’re practicing your short game, are you just dropping a bunch of balls and hitting the same chip, with the same club, over and over? Be honest—a lot of people do it. But what it leads to on-course is you just grabbing that trusty club and trying to make it work for whatever shot you may have. Golf Digest’s Chief Digital Instructor Michael Breed says it’s not the right tactic. “Limiting yourself to one technique around the greens won’t lead you to success,” says Breed.
Instead, put your focus on evaluating the situation at hand. Ask yourself a few basic questions: How far do I want the ball to fly? How far do I want the ball to run out? How fast is the green?
If you have a ways to hit it and a lot of green to work with, Breed says to grab a mid-iron, like your 7-iron. Use a smaller swing and let the ball come out low and run. This type of shot will lead to a lot more success than grabbing that 56-degree wedge you love so much, taking a half-swing at it and trying to get it to fly and stop near the hole.
If there isn’t much between you and the green, you’re going to need to hit a shot that goes higher than the bump-and-run, and that lands softly. Breed has a few moves that make this scary shot easy: First, open the clubface — it’ll get you more loft and launch the ball with more trajectory. Next, stand farther away from the ball than you usually would. This will help you get it up in the air. And finally, as you come into impact, the handle swings through staying close to your lead thigh as the clubhead whizzes by and hits the ball.
These tips are just a small part of a larger video series hosted by Breed called Michael Breed’s Playbook which you can access here. There are three lessons in the series, covering how you should practice your driving, your short game, and putting so that when you’re on the course, you’re ready to find the fairway, knock it close and make the putt.
Source: Golf Digest
By Keely Levins
Learn how to turn back, not sway.
Let’s talk about hip turn. James Kinney, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers and Director of Instruction at GolfTec Omaha, says that from the data GolfTec has collected, they’ve found lower handicap golfers have a more centered lower body at the top of the swing. Meaning, they don’t sway.
If you’re swaying off the ball, you’re moving yourself off of your starting position. The low point of your swing moves back when you sway back, so you’re going to have to shift forward to get your club to bottom out where the ball is. That takes a lot of timing, and is going to end up producing some ugly shots.
So, instead, Kinney says you should turn.
“When turning your hips, you are able to stay more centered over the golf ball in your backswing and the low point of your swing stays in the proper position, resulting in consistent contact.”
To practice turning, Kinney says to set up in a doorway. Have your back foot against the doorframe. When you make your lower body move back, your hip will hit the door fame if you’re swaying. If you’re turning, your hips are safe from hitting the frame.
Remember that feeling of turning when you’re on the course and your ball striking is going to get a whole lot more consistent.
Source: Golf Digest

The Rules of Golf are tricky! Thankfully, we’ve got the guru. Our Rules Guy knows the book front to back. Got a question? He’s got all the answers.

On a short par 3 over water, the tee box was placed with an overhanging tree on the line to the pin. I moved the left tee marker a few feet so that the tee shot could be hit without obstruction. This was done before everyone teed off — in fact, my opponent played first and I hit second. What is the correct penalty? This has sparked a huge debate in my men’s league. —JASON WRIGHT, VIA E-MAIL

If you notice that tee markers are poorly placed, are you allowed to adjust their position before play begins? Our expert has the answer.

Jason, the fact that you ask what the penalty is — rather than if there’s a penalty — suggests you know you’ve done wrong … and you have. (Admitting that you have a problem, however, is the first step toward recovery of your honor.)

Tee markers are fixed — yes, even poorly positioned ones. Under Rule 8.1a, if you move one to gain a potential advantage by improving the conditions affecting the stroke, you must take the general penalty, which is two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. (Other players could likewise be subject to penalty if they knowingly took advantage of your maneuver.)