Mainlands is turning 47! We’re celebrating with 2 Golf Tournaments!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas just yet, but it’s close because…

Mainlands Golf Course is turning 47!

We’re Celebrating with Two Golf Scrambles and whole day of festivities on November 10th! Celebrate with us because we wouldn’t be here without you! You could win FREE Greens Fees for 1 Year — see below!


7:15am – TRADITIONAL TOURNAMENT: 4 person BETTER Ball Scramble
12:15pm – AFTERNOON CRAZY 18 HOLE: 4 person BETTER Ball Scramble

(5 Holes will have a mini-game)

COST is to be $55.00 (+tax) per person for per tournament. Must be paid by 11/9/18. In Honor of Veteran’s Day $5 from every entry fee will be donated to Local VFW

  • Donuts, Danish, and light food for breakfast. Lunch is provided to all. LIVE MUSIC! ! !
  • Goody Bags for all golfers, with giveaways, coupons, balls, tees, candy, raffle tickets and
  • Best Ball format, 4 person teams, prizes for top 3 teams, closest to pin, longest drive, AND…
  • FREE BEER! ! Enough SAID
  • Fun for All, Prizes for most!
  • Golf trivia challenge + Putting Contest from 11am – 12:30pm.
    $5.00 Per Ticket – 50% of the Proceeds will go to the Local VFW
  • Always one of the best days of the year. We look forward to celebrating our birthday with

To Sign Up, Call the Pro Shop at (727) 577-4847 or email mgolfcourse@tampabay.rr.com


The Final Sunday Scramble At Mainlands!


Sunday Two Person Scramble

Try to Beat the Mike/Tyson Team! 

Sundays at 4 PM |  $15 per person

Price includes:

  • $3 that goes back for prizes
  • Top three teams get gift certificates. 
  • The pot is split 50%, 30%, 20%  for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

Come in to the pro shop or call to sign up – (727) 577-4847 

This final format:

  • September 30 – Better Ball Scramble

We will post the results on our blog and Facebook page on Monday!

Scramble Results Weekend of 9.22.18

Well what a weekend for Golf!!  Tiger is back on top in a rather dramatic fashion.  People are going nuts and rightfully so.  The guy is beyond a doubt impressive.

The Saturday Scramble roared along with over 9 groups.  The weather has been mostly dry and the grounds crew is finally catching up giving the course the good ‘hair cut’ it has needed.

We had enough groups this week to have two flights with 3 teams in each winning prizes.

Flight A

1st Place – Steve, Stuart, Kevin, & Jim -13

2nd Place – Kenzie, Paul, Bama, & Jess -11

3rd Place – Chuck, Peter, Robert, Bob, & Kim -8

Flight B

1st Place – Matt, Johnny, John, & Brian -8

2nd Place – Kevin, Stan, & Jamie -7

3rd Place – Tom, Duke, Marlo, Dave -6

Closest to the Pin was Dan on Team #6

All of the winners have Prize money deposited into their Club Credit accounts and Dan has golf balls behind the counter from the closest to the pin.

The second to last Sunday Scramble started off with and bang and ended with a rather large clap of thunder, followed by some rather large and quite cold drops of rain.  Every team finished at least 9 holes so we did not issue rain checks.  The pot was $48 and that money carries over to next week.  Our next and last scramble of the year will be at 4pm and we are playing the regular 2 person, better ball scramble.  This summer has had a great run with only two cancelled days and two rain outs all season.  Considering all of the weird rain we got I have to say that’s pretty good.

So congratulations to all who came out and played.  I look forward to this coming Sunday Scramble giving it one last hurrah before the days start getting really short.




Two Weeks of Scramble Results 9.8.18 – 9.16.18

Hello Mainlands Golfers!  This weeks post is twice as informative as usual because I quite frankly forgot to do last weeks scores post.

So with out further uh-dew let’s talk about some winners.

The 9.8.18 Scramble Winning Team was . . .

1st Place A Flight : Jim, Whit, Steve, Kevin, and Stuart -10

2nd Place A Flight : Stuart, Frank, Bob, Charlie and Rex -8

3rd Place A Flight : Peter, Chuck, and Mrs.  No last name Given,  -8

1st Place in B Flight : Stan, David, Jamie, Duke, and Kevin -5

Closest to the Pin was Reggie on #6 Team

Congratulations to all of the Winners.  All of you have monies deposited into your club credit accounts and the Closest to the pin has golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.

The Sunday Two Person Scramble was cancelled two hours before it started due to excessive wetness.  Then it rained another inch for half an hour.  Yeah it was wet.  Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez showed up to play and were obviously a tad put out.  This Weeks Honorable Mention goes to Rob and Vaughn, they clinch the MGC Sunday Two-Person Attendance Award.


For the Week of 9.15.18 the Saturday Scramble went off in some of the most dry conditions we have seen in the past two months.  It felt like a rare treat to have no mud in the middle of the fairway.  As such the scores were a bit lower.

And the Winning team was . . .

1st Place A Flight : Chuck Pete, and Robert -12

2nd Place A Flight : Stu, Frank, Rex, Carl, Charlie -10

3rd Place A Flight : Chuck, Jim, Steve, AJ, and Fred -8

1st Place in B Flight was Stan, David, Jamie, Duke, Kevin -5

Closest to the Pin was Al on Team #3.

Congratulations to all of the Winners, the Whiners and the rest of the Players.  All of you (well the winners), have monies deposited into your club credit accounts and the Closest to the pin has golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.

The Sunday Scramble was completely, utterly, unequivocally, righteously, awesome.  It was my personal favorite format the 4 Club Scramble.  The course was dry but daunting with only being able to use 1/3rd of your arsenal.  That being said the scores were rather low.  Mike and I played with Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez.  They whipped us by three strokes and Rob didn’t even bring a putter!  By the end of the round Rob got really good putting with his pitching wedge, while Vaughn just SMASHED his driver to dominate the course.  They were the winning team with a 64.  It is always nice to see good people at the top of the leader board.

1st Place Team : Rob Neighbor and Vaughn Rodriguez -3

2nd Place Team : Christina & Michael Brogan -2

3rd Place Team : Rob Harris and Leroy Williams Even Par

Closest to the Pin was Stuart Hoff on #17

1st Place got $16.50, 2nd Place $9.90, 3rd Place $6.60 was the prize money.  So Rob and Vaughn got paid to play golf.  That makes them professionals now and they are ineligible for amateur competition.  How is that for an Attendance Award?

Finally This weeks Dishonorable mention goes to those who shall not be named.  But if you have 5 clubs in your bag and we have told you at least twice that it is a 4 club scramble that means you are either cheating, disqualified, or at least should check into some hearing aids.

Two more weeks of the Sunday 2 Person Scramble.  Next weeks format is Stableford Scramble.  I am taking suggestions for the final week format.  Maybe a Skins game?  Maybe another 4 Club?  Maybe we could merge them both into a bris(k) round of golf?



Golf Scorecard
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Scramble Results Weekend of 8.4.18

Hey there Mainlands Golfers! ! ! We have the Scramble Results from the weekend.

This week the Saturday Scramble went off in Shotgun format so that we could accommodate long time friend of the course David Dale and his Bobby J Memorial tournament.  It was the nicest weather we have had in easily two weeks and dare I say it but the course was ALMOST dry.

First place was a new group today, but a group full of familiar faces none-the-less.

Flight A 1st Place – John Green, Wayne Sawa, Steve Hensley, and Cam Burrows!

Flight A 2nd Place –  Stu Hoff, Steve Bevins, Jim Dunham, and Kevin Pilsbury.

Flight B 3rd Place –  BAMA Graham, Jess Falin, Kenzie Witt, Paul Stanley.

Closest to the pin was Steve Hensley on No. 1

Congratulations to the winners, you all have Club Credit deposited to your respective accounts, and Steve Hensley has a bag of golf balls behind the counter with his name on written on that bag for identification purposes.

The Sunday Scramble had a rather robust showing of over 13 goups.  And all 13 groups were unlucky enough to get rained on about half way through the round.  After the 3rd lightning stroke I could no longer ignore the wrath of Zeus and we called it a day.  The prize money in the pot is totaled to $84 going into next weeks round.  That is big money around these parts.  I wanted to play the 4 club challenge this week but Mike pushed for the Shamble.  Personally my game has been in shambles and I don’t like any format that reminds me of that fact.  On the sheet we are scheduled to do the regular Scramble format.  So I ask you the consumer. . . vote for either 4 club or Regular Scramble and we will see what happens.

REMEMBER –  $5 off of your 18 hole greens fee this month, all month, if you book your tee time online.


I’ll see you at the course,




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Scramble Results of 7.29.18

Well the Golf Course certainly is GREEN.  That is what happens when you get almost 3 inches of rain on a Saturday.  You also get a Scramble that is closed down.  Again.  The picture in the caption was taken by me on #18 at the rounds conclusion.  The rainbow was an awesome end to a wet and awesomely fun round.  Something about wading through the mud makes me reminisce fondly of my childhood.

The Sunday Scramble started off on a Saturated and Soggy course.  The course was about the most wet conditions I have ever played.  But we finished the round much to my surprise, with 8 groups starting the day and only 6 groups completing the round.  Due to the extremely hydrated course conditions we did not play the 4 club scramble rather a regular scramble with up to 15 clubs in your bag.  After the score cards were methodically and precisely dehydrated we fed them into the Golf-Tabulator 9000 for the official scramble results.

1st Place  – Stuart and Rich +4

2nd Place – Dave and Rob +12

3rd Place – Tristan and Ryan +12

(Ties are broken by team score on lowest handicap hole)

Closest to the Pin was the 6th hole when Rob Neighbor plugged an AWESOME shot to like maybe 12 feet.   You know when the greens are that soft at least it makes it east to repair your ball mark, even when you hit it so high that the entire ball plugs into the green.  I think everyone in our group on Sunday hit at least one ball that was completely enGOLFed in grass.

The prize money pot has been dispersed to the top three teams from a pool of the prize money of the teams that completed 18 holes.  The 2 teams that did not finish their round will have their money rolled over into the pot for next weeks scramble.  The winners have money in their club credit accounts and Rob has a bunch of golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.


Next week we will attempt my favorite, the 4 club challenge.

Stay dry my fellow golfers…


Golf Course Near Me

Join us for the Sunday Scramble!

Sunday Two Person Scramble

Try to Beat the Mike/Tyson Team! 

Sundays at 4 PM  |  $15 per person

Price includes:

  • $3 that goes back for prizes
  • Top three teams get gift certificates. 
  • The pot is split 50%, 30%, 20%  for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

Come in to the pro shop or call to sign up – (727) 577-4847.  Please arrive before 3:45 PM on Sunday.

 We are going to have different formats each week :

  • July 29 – Standard Scramble (4 club)
  • August 5 – Shamble
  • August 12 – Standard Scramble 
  • August 19 – Alternate Shot
  • August 26 – Standard Scramble
  • September 2 – Four Ball
  • September 9 – Standard Scramble (3 club)

Calling all Veterans! Get 50% OFF Green Fees and a chance to win $25,000!


For the entire month of July, we’re offering 50% OFF GREEN FEES to all Active Duty, Veterans, Retired Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Emergency Responders, and Postal Service Employees. It’s our way of saying “Thank You!” Discount will be taken at the counter when you show your occupational ID.


July’s $25,000 Hole-in-One Challenge!

  • There is no cost to enter this weekly drawing
  • Who’s eligible? Any Veteran/Active Military, Police, Fire Fighter, EMS, Postal Service
  • Person who golfs in July is automatically entered. The more you golf the more times your name is entered in to the drawing!
  • Each Week we will pull one lucky golfers name at random to participate in a special chance to come out and Tee off on No.16 for a one-shot attempt to make an Ace for a prize of $25,000.
  • There will be 4 drawings for four people to have four attempts to make an Ace for $25,000.

It’s National Hot Dog Day!

Have Lunch at Mainlands with our Hot Dog Special and get in a round of 9 or 18 holes! Our hot dogs are 100% Beef hot dogs! YUM!


18 Riding/ Walking……$24/$19

9 Riding / Walking ……$16/$13

Scramble Results of the 7.14.18 Weekend

Another awesome weekend of Golf at the Mainlands Golf Club just wrapped up.  I have to say that even though we had some serious rain dropping the course is draining well.  Thank you to our Superintendent Aaron May for finishing up some rather large drainage projects last week.  The project certainly helped  #1 and #9 drain pretty quickly this weekend.

The Saturday Scramble scores are in and have been tabulated in our Golf-Tabulator-9000.

First Place – Kevin, Jim, Steve, Whit, and Stuart at -13

Second Place Kevzie, Jess, Angie, Bama and Paul at -9

Third Place Darrin, Frank, and Rex at -8

Closest to the Pin  was Team #4

Thank you to everyone for coming out. The winning teams have money deposited in their respective club credit accounts.  Golf balls are behind the counter with Team #4’s name on it.

The Sunday Scramble went off at 4pm for the first time this week.  The start time will be 4pm until we wrap up the series at the end of September.  The conditions were rather soggy.  Not the worst I have played in here by far but definitely some standing water making it a ‘lift, clean, place’ type of day.  I am super excited about all of the new faces we are seeing from week to week.  This week was the largest outing yet with 34 golfers! ! !

First Place – Mike and Tyson at -1.  Mike made an eagle all by himself on our last hole (#7) to put us one under for the day.  It was about time he started contributing.  However Since Mike and I are the ‘House’ team we relinquish any claim to prize winnings and so the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams split the pot.

Second Place – Rita O’neil and Steve Hensley at Even Par (This was their second week in a row on the leader board.  Congratulations ! ! !)

Third Place –  Matt Easterman and David Lent at Even Par

Fourth Place – Donna Dorsey and Ken Thompson at +2

Closest to the Pin was hole #16.  This was won by Mainlands Employee, Mainlands Resident, and all around awesome human being . . .’Uncle’ RON WALTON! ! ! I guess he held his team together this Sunday.  If you know who his playing partner was you already know I am gonna catch some hell for this.  : )  Ron has some golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.

I’d like to give an Honorable Mention to Stewart Elder.  Stewart was a single who got paired up and played with Mike and myself and I just wanted to give a shout out.  It was a hot day golfing in the mud and we all just laughed and laughed all day.  Anytime you are laughing while you golf you are doing it right.

This week I am sorry to say I have another DIS-HONORABLE MENTION.  In two words . . .


I am hereby banning sunflower seeds at the Mainlands Golf Club in perpetuity.  It is not so much as the vile snack forces the consumer of said snack to chew on the shell of the seed and then spit it out in a filthy, gross, and all around unsanitary method.  That would be reason enough to institute a ban of the bird food.  But on the 9th hole, the 10th hole, the 12th hole, 14th, and 15th hole I am lining up a putt, or pulling the pin, and I find several pieces of the shells all over the green.  Remember when Sergio spit in the cup about 5 years ago.  Imagine if he did it on every green?  Imagine your golf ball bouncing back and forth off of these shells like PLINKO on the Price is Right.  Bottom line the game of golf has a rule; Leave it Better Than You Found it.  Spitting one’s food waste all over a shared space is pretty much a flagrant violation.  Maybe someone in government could put a tariff on Sunflower Seeds.  I don’t know.

So can I get a witness from some you out there?  Do you have any sunflower seed stories?  I do know the next time I see them on the course some one might have to sedate me.


Thank you to all and I wish you a lovely sunny, yet sunflower-seedless, week,