Hello and Good day to my fellow Mainlandian Golfers . . .

First off let me ask; What was up with Saturday?? It was like a stealth hurricane showed up and tried to destroy the coast of Florida.  If we put that together with the Red Tide threat we could make a serious made for tv movie.

Shockingly the Saturday Scramble was completed.  I am sorry to say that a power surge hit the course and the only equipment that wasn’t plugged in to a surge protector was or patent pending Golf-Tabulator 9000.  Mathematics is not necessarily my strongest suit so I took of my shoes and socks an started adding up the scores.  The winners are as follows:

First Place: Don, Michael, Dennis, and Richard -10  (They birdied no. 5 to clear first place.)

Second Place: Rex, Carl, Stuart, Bob, and Frank -10

Third Place: Kevin, Stuart, Steve, Chuck, Jim -9 (Chuckles is back in town!)

Closest to the Pin was Team #9 and Pat Terell – Way to GO PAT! ! !

The winners have club credit placed in their accounts.  Pat has golf balls behind the counter.

The Sunday Scramble was another wet day.  However relative to the swamp we have been playing in as of late the course seemed rather dry, relatively.  The pot was carried over from last week.  So there was BIG MONEY on the line.  Big money for Mainlands means the pot was $128.00  First place splits 50%, $32 for both of the gentlemen that claimed first place.  Second place splits $38.40 and Third place splits $25.60.  By the time we tallied up the scores we pulled out our older model Golf-Tabulator 8000.  It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of its predecessor but it still gets the job done.  Of course it isn’t supported by tech support because it is outdated so we had to buy the newer model.  You all know how it goes.

1st Place – Matt Easterman and Dave Lent -5

2nd Place – Rita O’Neil and Steve Hensley -4

3rd Place – Steve Bevins and Stuart Hoff Even PAR

Closest to the Pin was #17 – Dave Lent

Way to go!  There are balls behind the counter for Dave and the rest of you have Money deposited in your club credit accounts.

Team Mike Tyson shot a rather astounding -10.  That damn bogey on #8.  It was an awesome day for myself personally because aside from my one birdy putt I just sat back and watched Mike put on a clinic.  It was way better than that time he went to the clinic.  (I’m gonna get in trouble for that one maybe.)  Mike is going for his Players Aptitude Test (PAT) in a month.  He will be bona fide PGA professional if he winds up shooting two rounds in a row, no more than 15 over par.  This year he is playing Lansbrook, and he likes the set up.  I have played golf with Mike for over 15 years and he is playing as well as ever.  If you see him wish him luck.  He has the game and he has the confidence.  And if he makes the cut he said he’s buying everyone on the Mainlands email list a drink.  GO MIKE! ! It’s hard to not root for Mike.  That is unless he ambushes you in your backswing by shouting at you.  Sorry Cody, Sorry other Cody.  Not sure which Cody’s backswing he interrupted but there he goes buying more consolation beverages.

Finally before I go . . . Sunflower Seeds.  All over the course.  The ban is still in effect.  I am at a loss for words and if you know me that never happens.

See you on the links

Tyson Duane

Golf Scorecard

Hey there Mainlands Golfers! ! ! We have the Scramble Results from the weekend.

This week the Saturday Scramble went off in Shotgun format so that we could accommodate long time friend of the course David Dale and his Bobby J Memorial tournament.  It was the nicest weather we have had in easily two weeks and dare I say it but the course was ALMOST dry.

First place was a new group today, but a group full of familiar faces none-the-less.

Flight A 1st Place – John Green, Wayne Sawa, Steve Hensley, and Cam Burrows!

Flight A 2nd Place –  Stu Hoff, Steve Bevins, Jim Dunham, and Kevin Pilsbury.

Flight B 3rd Place –  BAMA Graham, Jess Falin, Kenzie Witt, Paul Stanley.

Closest to the pin was Steve Hensley on No. 1

Congratulations to the winners, you all have Club Credit deposited to your respective accounts, and Steve Hensley has a bag of golf balls behind the counter with his name on written on that bag for identification purposes.

The Sunday Scramble had a rather robust showing of over 13 goups.  And all 13 groups were unlucky enough to get rained on about half way through the round.  After the 3rd lightning stroke I could no longer ignore the wrath of Zeus and we called it a day.  The prize money in the pot is totaled to $84 going into next weeks round.  That is big money around these parts.  I wanted to play the 4 club challenge this week but Mike pushed for the Shamble.  Personally my game has been in shambles and I don’t like any format that reminds me of that fact.  On the sheet we are scheduled to do the regular Scramble format.  So I ask you the consumer. . . vote for either 4 club or Regular Scramble and we will see what happens.

REMEMBER –  $5 off of your 18 hole greens fee this month, all month, if you book your tee time online.


I’ll see you at the course,




Well the Golf Course certainly is GREEN.  That is what happens when you get almost 3 inches of rain on a Saturday.  You also get a Scramble that is closed down.  Again.  The picture in the caption was taken by me on #18 at the rounds conclusion.  The rainbow was an awesome end to a wet and awesomely fun round.  Something about wading through the mud makes me reminisce fondly of my childhood.

The Sunday Scramble started off on a Saturated and Soggy course.  The course was about the most wet conditions I have ever played.  But we finished the round much to my surprise, with 8 groups starting the day and only 6 groups completing the round.  Due to the extremely hydrated course conditions we did not play the 4 club scramble rather a regular scramble with up to 15 clubs in your bag.  After the score cards were methodically and precisely dehydrated we fed them into the Golf-Tabulator 9000 for the official scramble results.

1st Place  – Stuart and Rich +4

2nd Place – Dave and Rob +12

3rd Place – Tristan and Ryan +12

(Ties are broken by team score on lowest handicap hole)

Closest to the Pin was the 6th hole when Rob Neighbor plugged an AWESOME shot to like maybe 12 feet.   You know when the greens are that soft at least it makes it east to repair your ball mark, even when you hit it so high that the entire ball plugs into the green.  I think everyone in our group on Sunday hit at least one ball that was completely enGOLFed in grass.

The prize money pot has been dispersed to the top three teams from a pool of the prize money of the teams that completed 18 holes.  The 2 teams that did not finish their round will have their money rolled over into the pot for next weeks scramble.  The winners have money in their club credit accounts and Rob has a bunch of golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.


Next week we will attempt my favorite, the 4 club challenge.

Stay dry my fellow golfers…


Hello Mainlands Golfers.  This past weekend’s Scramble Results are in.  On Saturday the Scramble was to find umbrellas and shelter.  We got rained out, which I believe is 2 weeks in a row now.  On a positive note the course is as lush and green as it could be.  So at least we got that going for us.

Sunday’s Two-person Scramble was surprisingly packed being our largest Sunday Scramble of the Summer so far.  40 people came out for a battle royale on the links of Mainlands.  The course was wet and the format was a standard scramble.  When all was said and done the results were tabulated in our Golf-Tabulator 9000 and the winning team is . . .

1st Place David and Alex Hobbs -2

2nd Place Stuart Hoff and Steve Bevins Even  Par

3rd Place Donna Dorsey and Ken Thompson +2

Closest to the Pin was stuffed to about 5 inches by Trey Orobik on number 17.

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!  Your club credit accounts have some new dollars in them and for Trey he has some golf balls behind the counter with his name on them.

Each week I am trying to address a singular topic I find relevant to the game of golf and maybe even life itself.  Sometimes the topic is easily evident, remember those heinous sunflower seeds?  Yes someone was back again spitting them out on the greens of the #1 and #2. (insert sigh of exasperation here) But that was last week’s topic.

Today I wanted to take the time to talk about responsibility.  To make a long story short I was in between clubs with about 130 into the green on number 18.  I say to Mike I’m thinking of laying off of an 8 instead of stepping on a 9.  He said I like the easy 8.  So I try to hit an 8 with three quarters strength.  I hit one of the straightest shots I have hit all day.  Right where I was aiming, straight over the pin the ball flew like a rocket.  I line drived it right over the pin and into this rather nice looking Chevrolet.  THUNK… I hear it hit and watch it bounce somewhere into the parking lot.  This week I would like to give a DIS-Honorable mention; to my 8 iron.  I would also like to give an Honorable Mention to myself.  Point being I walked to the Chevy, saw the dent, walked inside and wrote a note with my apologies, my name and my cell phone number and I taped it to the window.  Golf and Life are mirrors of each other.  In both you are responsible for your actions.  The Golf Course is not responsible for my bad shot.  The weather didn’t make it happen.  Mike’s caddying wasn’t responsible.  I hit the ball and it is my fault.

I don’t know a golfer who hasn’t hit a ball OB.  I implore all golfers to think about integrity and how it is an integral part of both life and golf.  If you are not going to be responsible for your golf ball maybe you shouldn’t play.

I have said before that Golfers tend to be people of high moral fiber.  I am fortunate to say that the people I meet through the golf course are almost always decent, honest, and good people.  I appreciate that fact so much and I look forward to keeping that reputation.  If you are still reading this I thank you for the gift of your attention.


-Tyson Duane

I hope everyone had a most lovely 4th of July!  The Scramble results are in from Saturday and Sunday and I am pleased to say both Scrambles went off with great weather and even greater golfers.

The Saturday Scramble results have tabulated and confirmed.  The winning team is . . .

1st Place Kevin, Jim, Stuart, Steve -11

2nd Place Ben, Keith, Steve, Frank, & Josh -10

3rd Place Stu, Bob, Frank, Rex, & Charlie -9

Closest to the Pin is Stu from Team 2 – Way to go Stu

All of the winning teams have money in their club credit accounts and Stu has some balls behind the counter with his name on them.  Well not his name on the balls per se, but his name is on a bag and the balls are in the bag.  You know what I mean…

The Sunday Scramble was a tough one for me personally.  Because I am very bad at golf.  But also because this week my partner Mike just played like dog @ss.  I mean he was BAD.  We didn’t score very well but I was thrilled none the less because I easily carried our team.  I didn’t carry us to any placement but I did manage to help us hobble across the finish line.  We all have those days of golf, where you wonder why you are even out there.  Mike was so bad I was glad that he came in to work today because I thought he might just quit.  Don’t worry Mike it happens to us all.

The Sunday Scramble was a Modified Stableford points system.  4 points for an Eagle, 2 points for a Bird, 1 point for Par, -1 for a bogey, -2 for double or worse.

1st Place Stu and Steve +20

2nd Place Rob and Andre +17

3rd Place Rita and Steve +16

Congratulations to Bob Beard for winning closest to the pin on no.3

All of the winning teams have money in their club credit accounts.  Bob has some golf balls behind the counter.

I would like to give an Dis-honorable Mention to the pace of play yesterday.  We started out with a decent pace of play but by the end of the day there was over 4 holes WIDE OPEN between Mike and myself and the group behind us.  It is important to keep your eyes open in golf.  Specifically you want to keep your eyes on the group in front of you.  If you can’t see them that is BAD.  That means you are lagging behind the pace.  If you are putting on the green and you look back and see TWO GROUPS ON THE HOLE BEHIND YOU that is VERY BAD.  I think everyone should think about their golf game and ask them selves if maybe this might be you.  Certain slower playing twosomes will be moved to the back of the pack in consideration of other golfers and the pace of play.





Good Day my fellow golfers.  I trust everyone enjoyed the weather this Father’s Day weekend.  I had a blast grilling ribs, fish, corn, potatoes and anything else I could find in my fridge.  There is nothing that takes me back to fond childhood memories more than the smell of burning charcoal.  But I digress because now I am getting hungry.

The Saturday Scramble had 7 groups go off at 7:30am this week.  The top three teams are:

1st Place – Chuck, Jim, Kevin, & Steve, AJ -11

2nd Place – Carlo, Frank, Bob, Dick, & Stuart -11

3rd Place – Jess, Angie, Kenzie, Paul, & BAMA -9

Closest to the Pin was MORT on  No. 8


Father’s Day at 5pm we had 14 teams show up and play classic scramble format golf.

Mike and I might have placed first place if it weren’t for three holes were we both lipped out par puts.  If only.  The fish was THIS big.  Wish in one hand and something in another.  Golf certainly gives one ample opportunity for stories that start similar to this.  First place was handily won by none other than local legends and pillars of the Mainlands Community:

1st Place – Stuart Hoff and Steve Bevins -4  ($19.50 each winnings.  Stu is buying a round for everyone next week lol.)

2nd Place – Rita O’neil and Steve Hensley +1  ($11.70 each winnings.)

3rd Place – Ken Thompson and Donna Dorsey +2  ($7.80 each winnings)

Closest to the Pin was  on No. 12 –  Rita O’neil  Way to go Rita!!  There are golf balls behind the counter with your name on them.

Mike and I had the pleasure of playing with Dave and Rob.  I just have to say that I haven’t laughed during a round that much since the last time I played with Dave Wall.

This was my tee shot into the drainage ditch on #15.  Remember it is “lift, clean, and place” during all scrambles.  You don’t have to play it as it lies, and many golfers do.



Golf Scorecard

Warm beautiful weather brought many golfers out to the course this weekend.  The results are in for the WEEKEND SCRAMBLES:

Saturday 5-person scramble starts at 7:30 this time of year.  This format is a traditional scramble

1st Place  – Stuart, Rex, Frank, Dick, & Bob at -14

2nd Place  – Kenzie, Bama, Angie, & Jess   -11

3rd Place – John, Jerry, Wayne, Clem, & Whit   -9

Closest to the Pin was Team 4 :  Team 4 -Jim Dunham’s Team

Sunday 2 – Person Scramble.

Last week it was called the 2-Man scramble.  We give congratulations and gratitude for the three women who played this week thus allowing us to call it once again the 2-Person Scramble.

This week’s format was a SHAMBLE – not because of my golf swing per se.  Mike Summers found out this format and we gave it a whirl.  Everyone hit’s a their own drive.  The team picks the best drive to play.  Every team member then plays their own ball to finish the hole.  The best individual score is then chosen for that hole.  It made your strategy on the par 3’s similar to a regular scramble however the par 4’s and 5’s were more similar to playing stroke.  All in all a fun way to play.  But isn’t it always fun as long as your playing?

At least I though so until I missed that 3 foot birdie putt.

The scores:

1st Place – Rick May & Joe Jenkins at -2

2nd Place – Steve Bevins and Stu Hoff +1

3rd Place  – AJ Mangini and Phyllis Clark +5

Closest to the Pin on #17 was – Joe Jenkins – your golf balls are behind the counter with your name on them.

Everyone else’s winnings have been credited to their CLUB CREDIT accounts.


Don’t forget Father’s Day is right around the corner.  Everybody Rides for the Walking price all day on Father’s Day.  We also have several golf specials available at our online store,  click here  www.mainlandsgolf.com/onlinestore

Until next week fellow golfers . . .



Golf Course Near Me

Golf Tampa Bay

Weekend Scramble Results


Another great weekend of golf here at the MGC!!!.  Want to send a shout out to the Bobby J Memorial tournament group for coming out Saturday and showing love for someone we lost.  When you love golf you don’t have to0 be good at it to really enjoy the game, friendships, and humor a round of golf can bring!!!

Saturday 5 Person Scramble Results

1-A  Whit, Chuck, Jim, Stuart, Steve   -17

2-A  Stu, JohnB, Bob, Ken  -12

3-A  Matt, Brandon, Nathan, James, Tony   -11

1-B  Scott, Chuck, Bama, Angie, Jess    -10

2-B  Greg, Al, Craig, Mark, Dana   -8

Closest to the Pin-   Greg #4

We started the scramble with a shotgun start this week.  It must have agreed with the winning team who shot a ridiculous 17 under par.  I may have to ride with this group next week and hope those great shots rub off on me!!!  We play every Saturday morning starting at 7:30am, it’s only $25 riding and is always a great time in the event.


Sunday 2 Person Scramble Results

1st –  Frank & Speedy    65

2nd –  Steve & Stuart    66

3rd –  Mike & Bill   67

4th –  Donna & Ken  70

5th –  Andy & Tyson  74

Closest to the pin #16 –  Donna Dorsey

With some family in town from Minnesota we switch up the Mike/Tyson group.  I wish I could blame my round on someone else but me and Scotty Cameron are not getting along very well right now!!!!  Regardless of score we won the group laughing the most at the end of the day and I will take that any round and be just fine.  We play every Sunday @ 4pm for only $18 riding and have prizes for 1st place closest to the pin.


Golf Tampa Bay

Saturday Scramble Results 7.16.16

1st Place – Whit, Jim, Stu, Steve and Chucky   -11

2nd Place – Stu, John, Bob, Dick and Ken  -11

3rd Place – Wayne, Tom, Clem, Matt and Jerry  -9

All your brown money is sitting behind the counter so come pick it up next time your in the area.

This Sunday we had the 2-person Scramble.  The format was a Best Ball Stableford Four-Club.

6 points for an Ace, 4 for an eagle, 3 for a birdie, 2 for a par, and one point for a bogie.

Two teams totaled 40 points with the tie being broken by lowest score of 63

1st Placae – Matt Easterman and Dave Lente are this weeks winners!

2nd Place – Darrin Campbell and Wally Buntin came in a close second with 40 points and score of 64

3rd Place – Mark Manning and Carl Sandberg

I forgot to tell everyone that 16 was the closest to the pin.  My apologies to the field.  There were over 20 golfers that came out and everyone finished their round before the rain came.  Cheers and Kudos to everyone that came out.  It is my favorite day of the week – Even when my Team came in LAST place.  Tim Summers and I hit a bad stretch where we traded duffs and shanks for double and triple bogies.

I remember a scramble a few years ago with my golf buddy Mike Summers.  Mike pured his Drive with a slight draw about 270 yards,  I durfed my Drive into the sand.  We were walking through a vast waste bunker and I retrieved my ball.  As we walked up to his superior drive I happened to look back down the fairway.  Upon looking back I noticed that there was only one pair of foot steps in the sand….. I turned to my friend and said ‘Mike, where were you when I needed you? Why were there only one pair of footsteps in the sand?”

He turned to me and said “Tyson, Those footsteps are mine.  That was me carrying YOU”.

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