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Scramble Results Weekend of 8.3.19

Hello and Good Day out there fellow golfers and other golf enthusiasts. It has been a wet time of it lately and the Saturday Scramble was canceled.  We will try again next Saturday so keep your wits about you. The Sunday Scramble was a day that will never be forgotten by some, however it will […]


Scramble Results Weekend of 6.29

Hello you hip and capable golfers! We have just ended a very dry and ridiculously hot June.  I urge everyone to stay hydrated weather you are out golfing or just watching TV at home.  Heat exhaustion is a real danger. Now that the public service announcement is over let’s get to the Saturday Scramble Results […]


Scramble Results for 9.9.18 Weekend

Hello and good day to you Mainlands Golfer!  After some technical internet-type issues I am finally able to post the Scramble results online.  The scores have been totaled.  Then they were tabulated, testified, and re-verified, all under the watchful eye of the golf department of the GRU.  These scores should be the most accuratest EVER. […]

Scramble Results Weekend of 9.22.18

Well what a weekend for Golf!!  Tiger is back on top in a rather dramatic fashion.  People are going nuts and rightfully so.  The guy is beyond a doubt impressive. The Saturday Scramble roared along with over 9 groups.  The weather has been mostly dry and the grounds crew is finally catching up giving the […]